Aluminium Valley in Business Trade Show 2017

International business convention - Canada's most important aluminium event

6th edition
May 23-24, 2017
University of Quebec at Chicoutimi
Shining globally with aluminium

Shining globally with aluminium

The Trade Show

THE TRADE SHOW reunited thousands of participants

Located in the heart of the Aluminium Valley® , one of the most attractive sites in the world to transform aluminum, and having gathered thousands of participants since its first edition in 2005 , the Aluminium valley in business trade show has quickly become a key aluminum event in North America.

Through a world-class exhibition, prestigious speakers, a private , personalized business dating service, and several networking events, " Shining globally with aluminium " is getting hundreds of participants in a context enabling them to identify business opportunities, new partnerships and expand their volume of business.

A Word from Our Honorary Chairman

Jean-Benoît Pineault, président d'honneur

Jean-Benoît Pineault


I am extremely proud to have been nominated Honorary Chairman of the 2017 Aluminium Valley in Business Trade Show.

I firmly believe that this event is an absolute must for business people, allowing them to bolster their market shares through contacts with potential investors, buyers, and partners. It is also an exceptional opportunity for the region to showcase all the strategic advantages of setting up business in Aluminium Valley®.

This year’s theme – “Shining Globally with Aluminium” – strikes a note with me because it is one of the critical elements of Réfraco’s success. Indeed, the company was founded in 1995, but only started to reach out to global markets in 2004. A few years ago, we revised our marketing strategy, and the results made manifest the importance of focusing on market development.

Réfraco has been a part of the Trade Show for several years, and it is an event that we simply cannot overlook. That is why I am looking forward to meeting you this May 23-24, at the 2017 Aluminium Valley in Business Trade Show.

A non-profit organization on the international market, the Aluminium Valley Society works at stimulating aluminium processing and takes part in the implementation, start-up and growth of businesses located in the heart of one of the world’s most attractive aluminium transformation locations: Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. Since 2001, the organization has been the strongest ally of aluminium transformation initiatives as both an enabler and facilitator. With a focus on business projects, the Aluminium Valley Society plays a primary role with business people who wish to invest in the aluminium sector. The Society works closely with a network of economic and strategic development partners in Québec, the rest of Canada, and abroad, in an effort to drive the development of the aluminium industry in Aluminium Valley®.

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