Region, Location

Region, Location


situation geographique


Advantageous Geographical Location

  • Gateway par excellence and ideal location to penetrate the North American markets
  • Access to a market of over 700 million consumers linked by free-trade agreements (NAFTA, FTAA)
  • Unrivalled quality of life
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AN Efficient Industrial Transportation Grid throughout North America

  • Four-lane highways
  • Three commercial airports
  • Railroad network specializing in freight transportation and connected to the main North American networks
  • Two, year-round, deep-water port facilities able to accommodate ships up to 69,000 tonnes
  • High volume of authorized  net explosives at the port facilities
  • Among the lowest operational costs worldwide
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Among the lowest operating expenses in the world

Low-Cost Renewable Energy

Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean is an immense watershed. This has helped boost regional development, which serves to attract business. In addition to producing 97.3% of renewable energy, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Québec offer very competitive rates to industrialists.

energie renouvelable

Among the lowest average labour rates

The average manpower costs, including fringe benefits, are 11% lower than the rest of Canada (Statistics Canada, 2010).

Available natural gas network

The region is served by a natural gas network, with Canadian rates being among the lowest in the world.

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