Salon 2009

Aluminium Valley in Business 2009



Over 700 people took part in the third edition of the 2009 Aluminium Valley in Business Trade Show, held January 20-22, 2009, in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean


The world-scale trade show convened numerous aluminium industry stakeholders, thus establishing a climate for the development of business relations and providing a unique window of opportunity for regional companies working in aluminium transformation to display their knowhow.

This year, the Trade Show featured four events: Two technical symposiums (one on industrial dust control, coordinated by Sefar BDH, and another on aluminium and surface coatings, jointly presented by Trans-Al Network Inc., CQRDA, and NRC-CNRC); a section on innovation and industrial design (organized by IDEA Innovation PME); and the Trade Show itself. The event also featured conferences, technical workshops, and business meetings, which unquestionably helped to foster synergic relations among industry stakeholders.

This year, the trade show welcomed some sixty exhibitors, twenty conferences, and four technical workshops. Over 400 formal and informal business meetings were held, confirming that this large-scale event on aluminium transformation provided participants and their partners with opportunities to create and renew business links, find new partnerships, and expand their networks.

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