The 5th Edition of the Aluminium Valley in Business Trade Show was held at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, May 6, 7 and 8, 2014

Under the auspices of Honorary President Mr. Jeannot Harvey, president of Groupe Ceger, the networking-focussed event, themed From Alloys to Allies, aimed to bring together people from all segments of the aluminium industry, demonstrate the many advantages of the grey metal, and spotlight the people and organizations that find innovative and beneficial ways to use the metal.

This Trade Show, an absolute must for industry leaders, was also a unique opportunity for national and international aluminium stakeholders to showcase their expertise, advances, products, and knowhow, all in the presence of major companies and contracting authorities in associated fields. Furthermore, to help develop and foster lasting partnerships, the Show featured private and customized business meetings and diverse networking activities.

With 75 exhibitors and over 400 participants from at least 10 different countries, the Aluminium Valley in Business Trade Show is the largest aluminium event in Canada. Its growing popularity and global outreach led the prestigious American firm Plattsto hold a session of its training course, How the Aluminium Market Works, within the framework of the Aluminium Valley in Business Trade Show. A first in Canada!

  1. Official opening
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  2. Renewable energy workshop
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  3. Conference - industrial design
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  4. Conference - Takamul
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  5. Conference - Tomesani
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  6. Exhibition
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  7. Platts
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  8. Business meetings
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