Aluminium Valley ®

Aluminium Valley ®

In the hospitable Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region of Canada sits a genuinely unique centre, a nest where large-scale aluminium transformation projects can hatch and take flight: Aluminium Valley®.

An Expert, Synergic Industrial Cluster

  • An industrial cluster of one-hundred or so synergic businesses supported by a strong network of partners who work hand in hand.
  • Second and third  processing companies specializing in the manufacturing of high-added-value products, such as specialty alloys (2000 and 7000 series, Duralcan, Boral, and Al-Li), sheet ingots, extrusion billet, plate, mechanical rod and cable.
  • World-class equipment manufacturers.
  • Over 7,000 direct jobs and 30,000 indirect jobs in a wide range of areas, such as primary aluminium, wire drawing, specialty alloys, milling, manufacturing, moulding, etc.

The expertise of nearly 400 researchers in aluminium and the highest concentration of brainpower per km2 in Canada. Highly specialized training at the professional, technical and university level provided by top educational institutions.

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Specialized professional, technical and university training offered by top-rung educational institutions

A Strategic Location and Global Centre of Aluminium Transformation

  • Over one million metric tons of aluminium produced yearly, or 32% of all production in Canada.
  • A Québec niche of excellence for aluminium transformation, coordinated by Aluminium Valley Society.
  • A major industrial complex in Canada, unparalleled worldwide.
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Unique services and exclusive support for the development of businesses working in the aluminium sector, all concentrated within a defined territory: Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.